August 2, 2005

summer nights is playing in my ears...

or should that rather be "on my ears"?
tutoring a korean English lessons is finally taking its toll on me.
i can 't be sure anymore of the prepositions i use, or in what tense i should write my sentence... anyway, i've come here to click on the keys and present something to my screen counterpart. i feel quite obliged to do so.

tonight i'll be leaving for leyte with the rest of my classmates (and a chaperone teacher, of course) for an eduational visit to Leyte State University.
paranoias (harry chapin 's cat's in the cradle plays now... which reminds me, plays?) have not been bothering me as of the moment. death is far away from me. a simple trip would not take me away from things i yet have to live for, with, in...

i'm ending this.

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