May 26, 2005


We might just as well lay down the red carpet to the youngest events group in town.

What better way to run loose Cebu’s entertainment and lifestyle scene than to have six, young minds handle it?

The group bears the freshest names – Chy Suarez, Rudynah Entera, Winna Bontes, Christianne Sebastian, Zoe Christine Lacancienta, and Enrique San Juan, all in their early 20s.

Visions Unlimited, as they have aptly called their group, runs around the principle of dreaming beyond the usual, working on events not branded by limited concepts and details.

Chy, Dynah, Winna, Tianne, Zoe, and Eking sit down for a little chat:

How do you go about with your projects?

Chy: We cooperate with other companies and organizations. The good thing about this is that we are able to promote tourism.
Eking: We also get ideas from other events already held. But we place new details in it, newer faces to it, revisions.
Dynah: We brainstorm. We make it a point to come up with ideas that tickles the imagination.

What is the group’s strength?

Chy: We are friends.
Tianne: It’s hard working professionally together, but we get through work well enough.
Winna: We respect each other.
Dynah: We are open to each of our own ideas. We are able to speak our mind.
Zoe: It is also the faith we have in God. Everything we do, we offer to Him.

What are the things you had to sacrifice?

Zoe: Family time. I get home late. But I’m very lucky to have such a supportive family.
Eking: Sleep! That is if we ever get to sleep at all on some days. We stay up ‘till the wee hours of the morning, brainstorming and running around with the details.
Winna: Oh, but we have such a lot of fun with the work we do.
Tianne: We take pains to do even the little things. Winna here even gets to put up some banners herself.

What are the best things/experiences you gained from working as VM?

Eking: I get to meet the people I look up to. I get to talk to them, do business with them, work things out with them.
Tianne: I get to do things on my own, do things without having to rely on my parents, uncles or their associates.
Dynah: I had difficulties saying what I wanted to say and I rarely say “no.” Now I have learned to really speak my mind.
Winna: I gained more control of myself, to stand by my own choices.

What is that one project you wanted to do?

Chy: An event wherein we gather the Cebuanos who made it big in the national scene. Like Raki and Sheryn.
Winna: We tried getting them.
Zoe: But their schedules are filled up.
Dynah: It’s still okay though. We will still try. As of the moment, we’d like to come up with other things.

How do you see the young in helping shape the contemporary Cebu?

Eking: The young have the freshest ideas. The young have the edge of trying things with so much passion and energy.
Chy: The younger generation is more open, explores more, and does things with greater enthusiasm.
Dynah: We go beyond.

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