April 1, 2005

i don't find Woody Allen funny

if he gets to read this, he would probably say, "a reader of mine got hooked on one of my pages and decided to eat all of the pages. she should have stuck her brain inside the words. that way, she'll get to learn how to read"

did i get that right?

in any case, i'll just continue reading hawthorne's scarlet letter.

sometimes i feel like V.Woolf and N.Hawthorne carry an almost-similar voice.


patzz said...


for more templates for your blog. :) enjoy!

pat said...

"niwang diay ka? "

ey ver! ambot anang russ ay!

liyo_denorte said...

um, gwapa mana si Vera..
=) heheh

indeed they have similarities..
and i found the "idea" rooted from
your idea!
thanx for reminding..

ur such an enlightened one..

joel said...

hi vera, naa na ko'y blog. brouahahahahaha.