March 16, 2005

film fest angels! whek. whekk. whek. :)

oh, but it wasn't easy preparing the film festival. occasions like severe-hot-temper-stages happen every now and then you know.
BUT WE DID IT! whek, whek :) (does that laugh sound funny? well yes, it's supposed to be a slightly hysterical laugh. ain't it cute? 'got that from the Short-Message-Sending epidemic that struck the country.. vernacular? TEXT!)
and now look at our smiles.
you would not believe how, at just about three hours prior to these smiling faces, the class was carrying heavy chairs, pasting designs on dust-filled walls, hungry, sweaty, eating ice candies (whek,whekk), and... well, forget the rest.
i'll try to write about the films we made and showed..
for now, make do with this picture..

pics po :)

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