February 22, 2005

one step at a time please

so we finished the second issue of APAS Balita for newsletter requirements for devComm.
and of course, implicitly, for the SK and the barangay itself.
Lord I just hope Janet, Mik, Jannah, Mark and the rest of them know that we/me/tiff/yen/jessa mean more than just passing on time for our subject requirement... ahemm.. i do have chances of becoming a modern-day angel, you see :)
uh-huh (the expression by the way, that has made its way into almost every pause i have while talking, and writing too as it seems.. thanks to tiff)
APAS Balita will continue to circulate and its publication will be a challenge I have to take this summer and probably the rest of the year.
i told you there is an angel inside me :)

now the film deadline is on its way.
keep in mind that i am writing after... hmmm.. 1 hour of installing editing softwares, 1 hour opening, reopening files, restarting the computer, and another 3 hours exploring Vegas and Adobe Go Live.
for one second there, i thought i would have to shout until my neck would probably burst just so i could let out a yawn or something.
i know you don't get the picture.
i don't care.
truth is, i haven't slept for two days (unless of course if you ould consider 3 hours of interrupted sleep)
nightmares; no.
sweet dreams.. unfortunately no.
there are just those times when you can't sleep straight for a reason only your overworked brain knows.
overworked heart? and in the emotional context, i mean.
no time to think of those.
although.. i have to admit.. uhmmm... forgive me... again... Michaal gets in the way.. even while I eat lunch in between busy schedules..
and yes; even when i almost literally bumped into Jim at the gate yesterday morning..
surprising, huh?
more than that, this is very much destructive for me.
as a counter-attack, my mind is, as of every possible moment, playing loads of logical explanations as to this certain attachment (if you may call it that way) to Mik.. oops there goes his name.. for some reason, i wouldn't know how to call him..

time is up.
quit this nonsense.
give me two weeks and i'll forget about this childish fancy.

the film?
not finished.
not yet edited.

the script?
no comment.

my eyes?

my head?
thankfully though, no attacks of headaches for at least five days now.

my brain?


1 comment:

patzz said...

ey ver! sorry for the uber small fonts. hehe. will be changing layouts soon.

hows the video diay? hehe. wala moy tulog noh?

you want hi-muan tka ug layout? for your blog? not now kay busy pa. maybe after classes. i can always get in touch with you online.

and about mik. are you talking about the soccer dude?--the one who kicks nice? please don't get attached to him... olivia has done that and she says he's an--wah!--don't kill me ver---a*s****. okie.


if he's not the mik i'm talking about then... erm... ayaw nalang kpo i-mind.