November 11, 2004

and if you think everything makes sense.......


i am looking for Green.
green Christmas balls. about 10 to 15 meters of green ribbon. green bells could be a part of the list, too. green felt paper. a tube of green watercolor.

so i went to this semi-mall, semi-department store everyone in the neighborhood goes to. deep green watercolor. deep green felt paper. everything is in deep green. i have spent about two hours looking for plain green this stupid variation of the color green sticks on my face!
then there's blue.
there's gold.
rusty orange.


end of story.

green please come.


RUSS said...

ver, miss you. collosal on thursday! lunch..12 batibot

m0onface said...

hmmm.. greEn... whats in green that drives ppL to search such a coL0r when u can choose from a wide variety of colors ranging from black to white? infinity's the limit to all the varieties in this world but when one yearns for s0mething one truly dEsires, infinity is just a thing we ignore and even take for granted. But if the w0rld transpires to lead u where ur destined to be then let the chips fall into place.. am i making sense? hehe i hope so
haLlerR ver!

i especially signed my own blogger just for u! by the way this is aPril... hehe cu in skuL!

send my regards to yEn2x, Leo and rUs

Anonymous said...

uhm, moonface... is black or white even a color???

acceber said...

help... talk ta tomorrow... cant wait.