October 19, 2004

when my world shattered as i talked with her though the net

me: for the last time, tell me that all this is not true
xxx: it's true ver
xxx: swear 2 GOD!!

and i cried.
here i was, thinking about things that i would be doing. the semester is over. vacation air hangs in the air. there are books to read, things to write. internally, i am jumping with excitement.
and so i pour some things here in my blog.
sometimes i get rather shallow, i believe.
all about me.

there are bigger things out there. and i got myself slapped with that reality.
i hate it.

me: shit
me: let me say that
xxx: i love him ver
xxx: i love him ver

she said that with ease.

xxx: dnt cry ver
xxx: be happy 4 me
xxx: i choose ds knd of lyf

with ease.
but i can't take it as that. not now. give me time.
i love you girl.
and i hate knowing this.
i know you understand.
i can't tell them.
i would break down.

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Hiraya said...

vera, na-unsa man ka? kinsa man ni imo sulat about? mail me.