October 20, 2004

what my friends say

Dramatis Personae
Russ- me
James- boyfriend
Chai- friend I go to Brews with
Liyo- artist friend and classmate that reminds of jack from will and grace
Pat- artist friend and classmaterandy- crush
Vera- kabarkada and friend who's obssessed with jim, we think jim's gay
jim- some dancer at school

i talked to a friend.she said bout her encounter with her boy. not boy boy of some sort like a lover or an ex. it's more like of "used- to- be- we-cared- a- lot with each other".they got cold with unclear reasons. then finally hit it on. no talk. no look. then now less talk. more look. then more talk. and more look. its crazy. both analyzing. even friends are analyzing the situation. anylyzing least they are better now. its love but not love love you know. but i do hope for a happy ending.
Vera, Le 'Etranger
Once upon a time, there was a girl of asian descent named day in her life of beautiful warla colors, she met a guy named jim who looks like mr. miyagi in Karate Kid 1 2 & 3 and the Next Karate Kid too. Their brains jived and soon they became really good friends. Then a period of weirdness came upon jim and vera, they started acting strange and saying strange things to each other, asking strange questions, getting strange answers, until, in all their strangeness...they were estranged from each other...YEARS LATER...vera is an accomplished college student and jim dances and has a girlfriend...she dances too.
note: this blog has been edited upon vera's blogger was harmed in the writing of this story.

so that's it.
now let me vomit.

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