October 2, 2004

cannot find server

The page cannot be displayed.
I have, for the most part of this rainy afternoon, been connecting and reconnecting my net card. But for some stupid reasons, the stupid net explorer gets busted. Stupid.

Stupid. Or perhaps my stupid net card has its stupid problems. I would want to write what net card provider
is so busted. But no, I do not want to jump down to a
case of libel.
Haha.. libel got into me. the lesson got into me..

comm120 and sir seares's letcures. And about plagiarism? I have something with me that i'm having problems about.
Stupid me. I can't figure out if this one particular, striking phase i used in the school paper is my original phrase or not. something about writing - was it really stephen king's? stupid. stupid me. i was too young then. didn't even know about proper crediting of sources and all those stuff. argh. it was a literary piece of some sort

(talk about my writings going down the drain..ha! literary pieces!!!!!!!!!!) maybe i was reading a king book back then. secret window secret garden. you read the story and you'll laugh at my face. it was about this man who plagiarized one of the works of a classmate of his in a creative-writing class or something. then he gets this dangerously confused mind and all. then he says he sees someone - that
classmate. he says he's being stalked. well, to cut
the story short..oops. i forgot how the story ended.
or was there really an ending? oh God, help me.
God save my mind.
Anyway, going back to the "net" thing,

i wanted to comment on russ's blog and his crappy days

and his sex talk and his numerous fucks (can i cut my
tongue, or fingers for that matter?), but all i get on my stupid monitor with the stupid net card connecting it to the
stupid net is: CANNOT FIND SERVER.
now, try finding my temper.
it's vanished!!! temper goes to extremely red degrees and then it went up and vanished. hehe. vanished. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have to email the marketing plan for our stupid final project in broadcasting for this stupid radio format.

and now i can't mention the teacher who let us do this because it would be unfair on her part. but i'm
really angry. i'm really angry. and i can't stop myself
from half-hating this teacher. to give her credit though, she's a good teacher. for some other subject course with another course description, that is. but she's good. i learned
a lot. i'm the one being irresponsible i guess. right?
how do i mail the plan!!!?
will i be able to get this blog posted!!!?
once, i went to this really stupid internet cafe to write about rey and jim in my blog. after pushing the post button, guess what was displayed.. CANNOT FIND SERVER. i lost the text. i lost my emotion. i lost my story about rey.

i lost my story about jim. i lost my story about the
BOYS I SEE.. sigh. i would have wanted to post that blog.
but now i can't write again what i wrote. i would be violating my law on spontaneity. and that was really spontaneous. what i wrote about both of them, i mean.
now i can't write that back. i have to vomit first.
God save my eyes.
God save my monitor.
God save these black computer keys.
God save my temper.
I'll stop.
Close all network connections.
I'll watch Possession. Watch about how poet Ash loved

poetess Cristabel. Watch how Cristabel found herself consumed with Ash. Watch about how Cristabel made Ash love in a different way. Watch about how Ash made Cristabel free in a different way.
I'll save this post in my files first. That way, I'll be safe.
God save my safety.


Hiraya said...

shall we say same shit different day? (SSDD). Breathe. find your space... AND THEN LASH OUT!!!!
exactly what i will do, because i cannot seem to get in my freaking blog

RUSS said...

vera...I miss sex. I miss you.. no that we have sex... oh, you know what I mean.