September 24, 2004

watching nothing

if i were to speak of my irresponsibility in things, i would end up choking myself.
as if responsibilities in school and at home were not enough, i crossed other borders.
went onstage.
made friends.
got stuck up with irresponsible people (hi there; we do connect, huh?).
twisted my brains for questions.
and answers.
analyzed trivial events in detail.
laughed too much.
cried over pitiful sights - an old woman crossing the street, a dog run over by a reckless driver, an apple rotten and swarmed by flies. do i get them out their horrible state? no. just let a tear roll down when alone in the room. or cried on the inside while riding home. do people see my tears? no. just a frown.
looked up the sky for nothing.
watched movies.
and what?

1 comment:

liyo_denorte said...

being perturbed..
the feeling.
how could i not relate..
why are u so amazing?